Wilson Street Kindergarten provides stimulating, high quality three year old and four year old kindergarten programs. With a commitment to excellence and innovation in early childhood education, we provide an inclusive, open-ended, play-based learning environment. Through play, young children learn so much about social standards, respect, imagination and problem-solving, while having fun in a supportive, caring and nurturing environment. We embrace each child and their family and recognise individuality. We offer an exciting program for both three-year old and four-year old groups called Bush Kinder. Bush Kinder is preschool education for children held exclusively outdoors, regardless of the weather, encouraging children to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in a natural environment.

In 2017 Wilson Street Kinder received the highest assessment and report rating of “Exceeding” in the National Quality Framework. The National Quality Framework aims to raise quality and drive continuous improvement and consistency in services across the country.


For information regarding 2019 and 2020 enrolments visit our enrolments page.


Tours are available on the first Monday of every month from 9-10am. If you have any questions regarding tours or enrolments please contact our enrolments manager, Susan Mulholland.



Wilson Street Kindergarten is a Child Safe Organisation and is committed to ensuring the safety of all of our children.

Be Sun Smart!

Overexposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation causes skin and eye damage, ultimately leading to skin cancer. UV cannot be seen or felt. It is not like the sun’s light which we see, or the sun’s warmth (infrared radiation) which we feel. Our senses cannot detect UV so it can be damaging without us knowing. There is a huge variation in UV levels across Australia. The UV level is affected by a number of factors including the time of day, time of year, cloud cover, altitude, proximity to the equator, scattering and reflection. The widget (below) shows the sun protection times for Melbourne, making it easier than ever to be smart about your sun exposure all year.