11 Wilson Street, Brighton VIC 3186

Our Staff

Wilson Street Kindergarten has a wonderful team of warm, enthusiastic and experienced staff, led by our Director, Andrea Cummins. The aim of WSK’s staff is to maximise the benefit of the kindergarten experience for each child by creating a relationship with the child based on trust and respect. Once this relationship is formed, it provides a foundation that leads to self-initiated learning in the child. As each child moves from 3 year old kinder to 4 year old kinder and on to school, the staff work to ensure that each transition is a relaxed and happy one.

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Group Teacher Co-educator/s
 Blue (4yo)  Andrea Cummins  Jane Pearce-Waite, Louise La Grange, Jennifer Milner
 Red (4yo)  Yvane Daugabel  Anne Jedd, Lisa James, Jennifer Milner
 Green (4yo)  Susan Mulholland  Nardia Chartres, Lou Kibell
 Yellow (3yo)  Trinity Bloom  Elly Madeira, Nardia Chartres
 Purple (3yo)  Susan Mulholland  Jane Pearce-Waite, Louise La Grange
 Orange (3yo)  Trinity Bloom  Elly Madeira, Nardia Chartres

Bush Kinder – both Red and Blue Groups – Jennifer Milner

In addition to our team of educators we also have Samm Brown managing WSK’s operations and compliance, and Fiona Carney managing our HR function.