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Our 4 Year Old Kinder Program


In 2017 WSK is pleased to offer an additional full day option for families in 4 year old kinder.  WSK offers three different groups for children attending four year old kindergarten.  Children attend:

Blue Group for 1 full day and 2 half days per week (15 hrs/per week)

Green Group for 2 full days per week (15 hrs/per week),

and from 2017 Red Group for 2 full days and 1 half day per week (18.75 hrs/per week)

Both Blue Group and Green Group will continue to offer 15 hours per week. Green Group will continue to offer 2 full days (8:30am-4pm Wednesday and Friday including a modified bush kinder program) and Blue Group will continue to offer 1 full day (8:30am-4pm Tuesday) and 2 half days, with one of those half days bush kinder program (12:15pm-4pm Monday and 8:30am-12.15pm Thursday).

8:30am-4pm Tuesday and Wednesday) and maintain it’s half day bush kinder program (8:30am-12:15pm Friday), totalling 18.75 hours each week.

There is a higher fee payable for Red Group to account for the increased hours.  If you are a health care card holder there may be a fee payable for these additional hours above the funded 15 hours per week.


Monday              12:15pm – 4pm (3.75 hours)
Tuesday              8:30am – 4pm (7.5 hours)
Thursday            8:30am – 12:15 (3.75 hours)

Wednesday        8:30am – 4pm (7.5 hours)
Friday                 8:30am – 4pm (7.5 hours)

Tuesday              8:30am– 4.00 pm (7.5 hours)
Wednesday        8:30am– 4.00 pm (7.5 hours)
Friday                 8:30am – 12:15pm (3.75 hours)


During the Enrolment process, parents are offered a choice of which group they would like their children to attend and indicate their preference on the enrolment application form.

A waiting list will be established for those children who missed out on their first preference and who wish to swap groups.  Should a vacancy arise, this will be filled by ballot.



Department of Education and Training

WSK acknowledges the support of the Victorian State Government for our 4 year old program.