Bush Kinder

We believe strongly that children are naturally curious and want to explore the natural environment. In 2014, we introduced an exciting program for the four-year-old groups called Bush Kinder. In 2017, we introduced Bush Kinder for three-year-old groups.

Bush Kinder is preschool education for children held exclusively outdoors. Whatever the weather, children are encouraged to take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in a forest or natural environment. Bush kindergartens have been operating successfully in Northern Europe for over 50 years.

The Wilson Street Kindergarten Bush Kinder program runs at one of the local parks and has been a huge success.

In conjunction with the staff, the children set a boundary area within which the children must play. The children have access to limited resources through the Bush Kinder Busy Box, such as sketchbooks, pencils, binoculars and bug catchers, and wet weather gear is provided for rainy days.

Australian and International research shows that children today are spending much more time indoors, in front of screens and participating in structured activities. These activities restrict children from participating regularly in outdoor unstructured activities and exploring natural environments. It has been documented that this shift is contributing to health problems such as increased anxiety and obesity, while children are suffering from a lack of connection with nature and the outside world. We want to help turn this trend around and give the children of Wilson Street Kindergarten a chance to spend quality time in nature with passionate teachers to encourage them to explore and learn.

Bush Kinder 2


How do I know my child will be safe?
Bush Kinder is delivered within a defined parameter of the park, and the children are only allowed to play within this designated boundary.

What happens if it rains or is very cold or hot?
Bush Kinder is run in all weather conditions. The kinder has a set of wet weather gear, including waterproof jackets & overpants for the children if required. Sessions will only be cancelled if strong wind warnings are forecast, an electrical storm or temperatures over 35 degrees.

How will we be notified if it is cancelled?
A decision relating to inclement weather will be made by 7:30pm the night before the Bush Kinder session and an email or text message will be sent to all families.

What do I pack for a snack?
A substantial healthy snack i.e. sandwich, fruit, cheese & biscuits and a drink. We ask you to take all rubbish home with us, so we encourage ‘nude food’ – without wrapping – in lunchboxes.