Wilson Street Kindergarten is supported by a Committee of Management, which consists of voluntary parent members who are committed to the delivery of quality early childhood education and administers the Centre. The Committee is responsible for the general business, finance, staffing, policy creation review and adherence, as well as the administration and maintenance of the Centre.  The Committee is elected at the Annual General Meeting held in November each year.

The 2019 Committee Members are:

President  Kris Daff
Deputy  Kelly Nikolakopoulos
Treasurer  Kate Harrington
Secretary  Kate Nichols
Operations Manager (Staff)  Maureen Rodbard-Bean
Director & Educational Leader (Staff)  Debbie Roper
Fees & Enrolments Manager (Staff)  Susie Mulholland
HR/Payroll/Policy Manager (Staff)  Fiona Carney
Maintenance  Kris Daff
Grants Officer  Amber Sastry
Publicity  Richard Hack
Events – 4 year old*  Katrina Beech
Events – 3 year old*
Enrolment Liason Officer  Nadia Hobart

*The Events Committee Members are responsible for organising both social and fundraising events throughout the year.  They have their own sub-committee which comprises of Non-voting Parent Group Representatives from each group (Blue, Red, Green, Yellow, Orange and Purple).  At least one Representative is required from each group. Parents of incoming three-year old children are highly encouraged to attend the Annual General Meeting and nominate for committee positions.