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WSK is excited to be introducing French through the ELLA program. The four year old program has incorporated French into their learning experiences through digital play. The Polyglots allow children to explore the French culture and language alongside their peers and educators in a meaningful and interesting way. The app encourages children to engage in high quality social interactions with each other while learning a second language. Learning a second language leads to greater executive functioning, higher IQ, greater cultural competency and a wider world view. Come in and see learning a second language at play!

Tours & Open Day

Tours of WSK are held on the first Monday of every month from 9-10am. If you have any questions regarding tours or enrolments please contact our enrolments manager, Susan Mulholland.


African Drumming

The two student free days at the beginning of Term One started off with the bang of a drum. During these two days staff are very busy setting up the rooms and outdoor areas, planning their educational programs and updating administration for the year ahead. It was also an opportunity for staff to come together to participate in professional development, enjoy learning new skills and engage with different cultures.  On Wednesday 30th January Tawanda, from Zimbabwe, talked to the staff about the history behind the calabash. The calabash is a percussion instrument consisting of half of a large dried calabash. It was created by the African people when music had been banned. They improvised and created music through wooden pallets, boxes and these giant gourds. Calabash were also used for carrying food and water. Tawanda gave the WSK their very own calabash and a cajon drum. The WSK staff look forward to sharing what they have learnt from this exerience with the children.


New Furniture

The early childhood sector can be its own worst enemy often accepting donated items and making do with furniture and other materials that are not quite what we want but ‘will do’.  Mary Featherstone led the way in the 1990s with her innovative designs for early childhood. WSK has a few of her pieces but the materials used are not particularly robust and there was a gap in the market for well designed, child friendly but beautifully crafted furniture. We were thrilled, at the start of this year, to take possession of some beautiful new pieces by M.A.N. Made Creations. This family owned, Melbourne company creates beautifully crafted furniture using Australian hardwood. The pieces are made to last and add to the aesthetics of the rooms. It was through the hard work of previous Social Committees, namely Kathy Bennett in 2017 and Marg Villella in 2018 that we were able to use some of the money raised to purchase the latest items.  Thank you to everyone who contributed to the WSK fundraising efforts; we actually have a few more items on order!