11 Wilson Street, Brighton VIC 3186


Can I visit the kindergarten?

Our annual Open Day provides the perfect opportunity to look around, meet our educators, and see if Wilson Street Kindergarten is right for your family. The date of the 2018 Open Day is Saturday 28th April. In the meantime, if you’d like a tour of the Kindergarten, please contact our enrolments officers to make a time on enrolments@wilsonstreetkinder.com.au

What qualifications do the staff hold?

All teachers have a university degree specialising in Early Childhood Education and co-educators have either a Certificate III or Diploma in Early Education and Care. Please refer to ‘Our Staff’ section for more information.

What type of program does the kindergarten offer?

We offer a play-based curriculum. Educators provide a range of indoor and outdoor learning experiences. These are intentionally based upon the acquisition of skills through key learning areas. Please refer to ‘Our Statement of Values’ and philosophy for more information. We also have a Bush Kinder program.

Is there a catchment area for eligibility to attend?

No. Everyone can apply.

How do I know whether my child is ready to attend kindergarten?

Attend the annual Open Day and talk to the teachers about this. If your child was born close to the cut off date (three-years old by 30/4 of the year they are due to start three-year-old kindergarten) then the teacher may recommend holding their entry into kindergarten until the following year.

Are session times fixed or flexible?

Once your child is allocated to a group, the session times are fixed.

My child has additional needs. How does the kindergarten manage this?

We respect and promote the inclusion of all children in the kindergarten (see our Statement of Values and philosophy). We work with Yooralla and Early Intervention organisations to facilitate a smooth kindergarten experience for all families.

How can I be involved in the kindergarten?

In addition to being involved on the Wilson Street Kindergarten Inc. Management Committee, there are other ways in which parents are able to help and participate in the kindergarten. We welcome and encourage parents, grandparents or caregivers to participate in our program.  Your attendance provides the opportunity to talk and to play with the children while learning more about your child’s experience at the kindergarten.  Children look forward to having someone special on duty.

Do I have to attend a working bee?

Your attendance is required at a minimum of one working bee in the year. Working bees are held once per term when maintenance needs to be done. e.g. gardening or mending broken equipment, etc..   The Working Bee Levy, which is paid upfront by families as part of term one fees, will be refunded if a family member participates in a working bee.

Does the kindergarten hold fundraising events?

The Wilson Street Kindergarten community is encouraged to be social and there are various events organised throughout the year to bring parents and children together.  In terms of fundraising, Wilson Street Kindergarten holds an annual fundraising event for parents.  The proceeds of this event go to special projects and wish-list items identified by the committee and staff as being of benefit to the kindergarten.

Will my child go on excursions?

Excursions and incursions provide effective and worthwhile opportunities to extend our program.  Sometimes adult support is needed if we want to take children outside the kindergarten.  No child will be taken outside the kindergarten without written permission from parents.  Planned excursions\incursions are funded from the cost of education and are inclusive of term fees. Some typical excursions are: Community walks, visits to aged care facilities, post office, public parks, fire station, music incursions, NGV, animal incursions, etc..

Does the kindergarten have parent resources to borrow?

The kindergarten has a number of reference books on topics such as behaviour management, school readiness, etc., available for parents to borrow. Please speak to your teacher.

What happens if my child is absent?

We appreciate knowing if your child is absent and the reasons why. The easiest way is to talk or email the teacher.

Can I pick up my child early?

Yes, we understand that families have commitments. Please keep in mind that it can be disruptive if many children leave at different times during the day.

How do we celebrate birthdays at kindergarten?

Children love to share their birthdays with their friends. If you would like to celebrate your child’s birthday at kindergarten, you are welcome to send small cupcakes or icy poles. Try and keep sugar levels to a minimum. Should you prefer to celebrate in a way other than food, alternative ideas include bubbles, stickers, balloons, etc..

What food should I give my child for the long day?

If your child attends on a full day they will need to bring a piece of fruit/vegetable to share with the group. They will also need lunch and a healthy snack, as well as a clearly labelled water bottle. There may be children in your child’s group who suffer from various allergies.  A letter will be sent out to all families at the beginning of the year advising everyone of the specific foods or other allergens that are not to be brought into the kindergarten environment for the year.  Please be aware that Wilson Street Kindergarten endeavours to minimise the risk and so tries to ensure no nuts enter the kinder. For further information, please see our Food Safety Policy 2013.

Should I bring any food for a half-day session?

At every half-day kindergarten session parents are asked to provide a piece of fruit or a vegetable.  This is to be placed in the bowl at the entrance to the kindergarten at drop off time.  This fruit is then prepared and shared with all the children during the session. Please avoid sending kiwi fruit to kindergarten, as this fruit seems to often be on the list for allergies.

What sort of clothes should my child wear?

The children need comfortable clothing that is ok to get dirty. We will provide smocks for messy play.  It is also important for children to be able to manage their own clothing for toileting. Appropriate footwear is essential for climbing, running, jumping and general play (no thongs or crocs). Sturdy shoes or runners are best. We ask that parents apply block-out on warm days. Children will have their sunhat kept at kindergarten. We recommend your child has a complete change of clothing in their kindergarten bag.  Please name all articles of clothing and footwear.

Will I have the opportunity to discuss my child with the teacher/educators throughout the year?

Yes. We communicate with families in a variety of ways both formally and informally throughout the year. Staff will also send regular emails and post information in the foyer about what experiences the children have been engaging in and what skills are being developed. If you would like more feedback we encourage families to make a time with the teacher to catch up either by phone, over email, or in person. The four-year-old families are offered a time mid-year to meet formally and discuss where their child is at as well as ‘school readiness’.