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The children need comfortable clothing, which allows for freedom of movement.  We will provide smocks for messy play.  It is also important for your child to be able to manage their own clothing for toileting.

We recommend old clothes be worn to kinder “just in case!”

Appropriate footwear (preferably no thongs) is essential for climbing, running, jumping and general play. Sturdy shoes or sandals are best.

A sun hat (broad brimmed, Legionnaire or bucket type) is necessary during warm weather (1 September to 1 May) and parents should apply block-out on warm days.  We have a ‘No Hat, No Outdoor Play’ policy in warm weather.  Coats are needed for cold or wet weather.  We recommend your child has a complete change of clothing in their kindergarten bag “just in case” of an accident, whether it is due to toileting, playing in the water, cooking, mud, etc… Some children find it distressing having to borrow clothes.

Please name all articles of clothing and footwear.

Food at Kinder

There may be children in your child’s kinder group who suffer from various allergies.  A letter will be sent out to all families at the beginning of the year advising everyone of the specific foods or other allergens that are not to be brought into the kinder environment for the year.  Please be aware that Wilson Street Kindergarten endeavours to minimise the risk and so tries to ensure no nuts enter the kinder. For further information, please see our Food Safety Policy 2013

Fruit Platters

At every half day kinder session parents are asked to provide a piece of fruit.  This is to be placed in the bowl at the entrance to the kinder at drop off time.  This fruit is then prepared and shared with all the children at some time during their session.

Please avoid sending kiwi fruit to kinder as this fruit seems to often be on the list for allergies.

B.Y.O. Snack Day

In preparation for school we will have one day a week when the 4 year old groups are to bring an individual snack to kinder.   (Blue Group is each Tuesday, Red Group is each Tuesday and Wednesday and Green Group is both Wednesday and Friday)

Please bear in the mind the foods that have been excluded for the year, based on the children who have allergies that are attending the kinder for the year.

Please do not send nuts of any type or other excluded foods to the kinder for snacks, lunch, celebrations or show and tell (please check the fine print and all ingredients on packaging).

The snack should be healthy, e.g. sandwich, yoghurt, dried biscuits, fruit and cheese, etc.  Please do not send chips, chocolate bars and so forth as the children will not be allowed to eat these items in front of others.

For each of the long days for 4 year old groups, the children are required to bring a healthy snack and a drink as well as their lunch to kindergartenThe children will have their snack in the morning.  Generally we will cook with the children or provide a ‘light’ snack in the afternoon.  We help the children choose what to eat and when.  We will also remind children that if they have yoghurt or other food that needs to go in the fridge to remove them from their bags on arrival.


Children love to share their birthdays with their friends.  Please send a birthday cake or individual cakes, to help us celebrate your child’s birthday, either on the day or the closest day to the birthday.  Please advise the staff about the content of the food that you intend to bring to kinder and make every effort to accommodate all the children’s needs.  Cream cakes are not suitable, as they are difficult to serve and for the children to eat.  Should you prefer to celebrate in a way other than food, alternative ideas include bubbles, stickers, balloons, etc.


The children will participate in a lot of cooking activities as part of the program.  They will often share their results with us as parents/ guardians.  Staff are always mindful of any allergies that children may have when they are choosing recipes.

Contact Numbers

Each group will have a group list of parents and children, addresses and phone numbers published early in the year to speed up the getting-to-know-you process and aid communication throughout the year.  If you do not wish your name and details to be added please inform the teacher as this list is not compulsory.

Parent Library

In the two foyer areas, there is a library containing literature relevant to parenting and children and also the kindergarten’s policies.  Feel free to browse or ask the teacher for more information.  Please ensure you fill in the “borrowing book” and also inform a staff member if you would like to borrow any of the books or other resources.

Waste Materials

We can use any scraps i.e. paper, bottle tops, cotton reels, and corks.  If you have any sources of supplies i.e. wood (soft and non-splintering), leather/vinyl pieces, odds and ends that might be safe for children’s creative use, donations will be eagerly accepted.  Ask the staff if you are unsure if materials you can obtain are suitable.

Please do not bring toilet rolls, polystyrene food trays or containers that once held foods with nuts (or other specified allergens) as these are now classified as unhygienic/dangerous and unsuitable for our use.

Show and Tell

We encourage children to bring something of interest to share with the group for ‘show and tell’, for example something the children have found such as a rock, a feather, a bone, a book, something they have made, photographs etc.  The children may also like to share an experience they may have had with the group as well.

More information will be provided early in the year regarding the way your particular group will be celebrating “show and tell” or “special box”.

We base our program on the children’s interests, experiences or questions posed and show and tell is a perfect opportunity for staff to gain this insight.

Smoke Free Zone

Our Kindergarten is a smoke free zone.  Smoking is not allowed within the premises or grounds at any time.


A photographer will visit each group during the year to take individual and group photos.  There is no obligation to purchase these and you will be notified when a day has been arranged for the visit.

Arrival and Departure of Children

Due to legal implications there are certain regulations and procedures which must be recognised and followed in the Kindergarten to ensure the maximum safety and protection of your child.

  1. Session times must be strictly adhered to, as this is a DET regulation.  The time prior to these sessions is used to ensure the room and the outdoor area is fully prepared for the arrival of the children. Time after the session is spent setting up for the following group.
  2. The accompanying adult must write the time of the arrival in the attendance record book as they enter and the time of departure as they leave.  The Department of Education and Training requires an accurate attendance record for each minute of the day.
  3. It is necessary for the adult accompanying the child to wait with the child until the starting time.  Children must be brought inside to the Kindergarten room.
  4. The teacher or co-educator must be informed if another adult apart from the parents will be picking up the child.  Please ensure the person responsible for picking up your child is authorised to do so on your enrolment form.
  5. If for some reason a different adult is picking up your child, please tell your child.
  6. We ask that parents always come into the Kindergarten room to leave or collect your child and to ensure that a staff member is aware that you have left or collected your child.
  7. Some delays are unavoidable, so please contact us if the situation arises.  Children can be distressed if they are left behind when all their other friends have gone home.
  8. We acknowledge that the foyer areas can become congested especially at pick up, so please endeavour to keep all your children in order and move away from the foyer as soon as practicable.

We are sure that you will understand the need for these safety precautions.  If you have any doubts or queries, please see your child’s teacher.

Parent Involvement

In addition to involvement on the Wilson Street Kindergarten Inc. Management Committee, there are other ways in which parents are able to help and participate in the Kindergarten.


We welcome and encourage parents, grandparents or caregivers to participate in our program.  Your attendance provides the opportunity to talk and to play with the children while learning more about your child’s experience at the Kindergarten.  Children look forward to having someone special on duty.

This is a great opportunity for families to share any particular skills or knowledge with the children such as cooking, art and craft skills, wood work and musical talents, or even discuss your profession or hobbies with the group.

A list of dates will be displayed in the foyer near the beginning of each term.  You may then write your name down next to a suitable date for you to come in and be involved in the kinder program.

We appreciate the child minding difficulties with siblings when on duty; however regulations require parents to supervise their toddlers at all times.


A laundry bag from each group is sent home at the end of each week to be returned the next week.  Parents are rostered for laundry duty approximately twice a year, which involves washing smocks, tea towels and occasionally odds and ends.


Excursions and incursions provide effective and worthwhile opportunities to extend and develop our program.  The Teacher needs help from parents if we want to take children outside the Kindergarten on an excursion.  No child will be taken outside the Kindergarten without written permission from parents.  Planned excursions\ incursions are funded from the cost of education and are inclusive of term fees.


Working bees are held once per term when maintenance needs to be done eg. gardening or mending broken equipment etc.  Your attendance is required at a minimum of one working bee in the year.   The Working Bee Levy, which is paid upfront by families as part of term fees, will be refunded if a family member participates in one working bee throughout the year and submits a Working Bee Participation Form at that working bee.


The Wilson Street Kinder community is encouraged to be very social and there are various events organised throughout the year to bring parents and children together in a social setting.  In terms of fundraising, Wilson Street Kindergarten holds an Annual Fundraising event for parents.  The proceeds of the Annual Fundraising event go to special projects and wishlist items that have been identified by the committee and staff as being of benefit to the kindergarten.

Various social events will be organised throughout the year and we encourage you to attend as it is a great opportunity to meet other parents.