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Can my child attend kindergarten if their birthday is just after the 30th April cut-off?

Children must have turned three (for three year old kindergarten) or four (for four year old kindergarten) years of age on or before April 30 in the year of attendance, to be eligible for the kindergarten program. It is important to note that children can only attend our 3YO program once they have turned three and not before.

It is important for families to carefully consider the best time to enrol their child in 3YO kindergarten as there will not be the option for a child to repeat the 3YO program. All children accessing 3YO kindergarten will transition to 4YO kindergarten the following year. Only children who meet the criteria for a second year of 4YO kindergarten will be eligible to access an additional year of 4YO kindergarten.

My child doesn’t turn three until after the start of the kindergarten year. Can they start at the beginning of the year with the other children?

Children must be three years of age before commencing the program due to the child/staff ratios under the Children Services Regulations 2009 section (53)

How do I know if my child is ready to start kindergarten?

Children born between January 1 and April 30 may be considered ‘young’ in comparison to the other children in their year level (this applies to kindergarten as well as school).

It is best to think carefully about when your child is likely to be ready to start school (i.e. whether they will be four or five when they begin their Foundation year). If you are considering starting your child as an older child rather than a younger child then we recommend you start three year old kindergarten two years before your child starts school rather than repeating a year level at school.

It is important to note that if you decide that your child is ‘young’ and not quite ready for school after one year of four year old kindergarten, your child will not automatically receive a second year of funded kindergarten. A child will only be eligible to receive a second year of funded 4YO kindergarten if they are assessed as having at least two areas of significant developmental delay according to the five outcomes in the VEYLDF. Age is not a consideration.

To receive the funding for a second year, your child’s kindergarten teacher must complete an assessment in conjunction with an independent Preschool Field Officer or seek advice from other early childhood professionals. A ‘Declaration of eligibility for a second year of funded 4YO kindergarten’ (Form SF06) must be submitted to the DET for acceptance. For more information on School Readiness please visit https://www.earlylife.com.au/sites/default/files/School%20Readiness_0.pdf

Can I access an unfunded year of 3YO or 4YO kindergarten?

Unfortunately this is unlikely to happen. We provide universal access to all children, and in order to do so priority goes to children entering their first year of funded kindergarten or children with exceptional circumstances. Only then, if there are vacant places, may we consider offering an unfunded place.

Is there a catchment area for eligibility to attend?

No, anyone can apply. However, when there is more applications than places available, a weighting criteria is used to fill available places.

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