Bush Kinder – Learning in Nature

At Wilson Street Kindergarten, we believe that children are naturally curious and are motivated to explore their natural environment. We recognise the importance of providing opportunities where children can engage in the outdoors and develop a further sense of self and a respect for the environment. This led us to introduce an outdoor program offered to both the three and four year old groups.  At Wilson Street Kindergarten our three and four year olds can take the lead in playing, exploring and learning in nature as part of our Bush Kinder program. The program is held exclusively outdoors, regardless of the weather.

The Wilson Street Kindergarten Bush Kinder program runs at a local park on a weekly basis. In conjunction with the staff, the children set a boundary for their play. The children have access to limited resources through the Bush Kinder Box, such as sketchbooks, pencils, binoculars and bug catchers. Wet weather gear is provided for rainy days, but for the most part children develop play with materials that they find in nature increasing creativity, divergent thinking skills, collaboration with others and exploration. Our Bush Kinder program is offered as a part of the four year old program for two of our groups and as an additional session for those in the three year old groups who would like to join.

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