Getting Involved


How can I be involved in the kindergarten?

In addition to being involved on the Wilson Street Kindergarten Inc. Management Committee, there are other ways in which parents are able to help and participate in the kindergarten. We welcome and encourage parents, grandparents or caregivers to participate in our program.  Your attendance provides the opportunity to talk and to play with the children while learning more about your child’s experience at kindergarten.  Children look forward to having someone special joining in with the program.


Do I have to attend a working bee?

A family member is welcome to attend at least one working bee in the year. Working bees are held once per term when maintenance needs to be done. e.g. gardening or mending broken equipment. The Working Bee Levy, which is paid upfront by families as part of Term One fees, will be refunded if a family member participates in a working bee.


Does the kindergarten hold fundraising events?

The Wilson Street Kindergarten community is encouraged to be social and there are various events organised throughout the year to bring families and children together.  In terms of fundraising, Wilson Street Kindergarten holds an annual fundraising event for families.  The proceeds of this event go to special projects and wish-list items identified by the committee and staff as being of benefit to the kindergarten.


Does the kindergarten have family resources to borrow?

The kindergarten has a number of reference books on topics such as behavior management, school readiness, etc., available for families to borrow. Please speak to your teacher.

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